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Nappies By Minki offer a full range of accessories to go with your Minki Nappy, for more information please read on :
Stinki Minki
Terry Squares
Soaker Pads
Fleece Topped Booster
Fleece Liners
Washable Wipes
Changing Mats
Cloth Pads (for mum)
Dolls Nappies

Stinki Minki: Our exceptionally popular nappy bag. A waterproof lined drawstring bag for carrying home dirty nappies, the Stinky Minki can be made in any fabric so can 'match' nappies

Terry Squares: 60cm x 60cm, quality cotton terry nappies. Perfect for padding out Minki Nappies

Soaker Pads: These are slim shaped pads designed to go inside the pocket of the Minki Nappy. They come in three sizes (S / M / L) and are made up of 3 layers of terry and 2 layers of soft cotton flannel.

Super Soaker Pads: These are the same slim shaped pads as above .but are made up with 3 layers of micro fibre sandwiched between a layer of cotton terry and a layer of soft cotton flannel.

Super Soaker Yoyo Pads: same make up as the super soaker pad, but shaped to fit the Yoyo pull up nappy/trainer perfectly. Can be used to pad out the pocket, or for a toilet trainer use between nappy and bottom with cotton flannel next to skin to give child a feeling of wetness.

Fleece Topped Booster: These are slim soaker pads in a classic hourglass shape . Designed to give a padded pocket nappy an extra boost of absorbency whilst retaining the fleece next to skin. These can be used with the Minki Nappy or any cloth nappy system. 2 layers of terry sandwiched between a layer of fleece and a layer of 'fun' cotton.

Fleece Liners: A single layer of 100% polyester fleece in classic hourglass shape to give a stay dry layer. Can be used with any nappy

Washable Wipes: These are made up of two layers - your choice of terry/flannel or terry/fleece approx 6"x4" for cleaning delicate Bottoms. Use with water or the out and about spray bottle which contains a gentle solution.

Changing Mats: Waterproof / wipe clean plastic on one side, with soft fleece or terry on the other side. Perfect for keeping in the changing bag, always a clean/dry surface on which to change your baby's nappy. Machine Washable to 60 degrees.

Cloth Pads: Cloth protection for menstrual or incontinence use. Fleece or cotton topped with terry soaker layers and waterproof breathable PUL layer for a comfortable and safe pad. Available in 3 sizes - Regular / Super / Night-time. They fasten with poppered 'wings' and are easy to use and care for. Use pad pockets for discreet transport in your handbag.

Also available Dolls Nappies to fit Baby Bjorn, Baby Annabel and other similar dolls). Fully functional with inbuilt waterproof layer and aplix fastening that works time and time again and is perfect for little fingers to open & close.
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