Minki Nappy from Nappies By Minki

The Minki is a washable, cloth, pocket nappy. It is made up of three layers:

  1. The inner is made of soft 100% polyester fleece which keeps your babies bum extremely dry and comfortable and is easy to clean, drys mega-quick and looks lovely !
  2. The waterproof layer...made of PUL which is waterproof, breathable, soft, flexible and silent.
  3. The outer, just for fun can be plain/printed cotton, fleece,denim whatever you fancy!

It has an Aplix fastening which is very adjustable (starts off with an overlap, as baby grows fastens edge to edge almost 5" of adjustment) and quick and easy to use if you have a wriggly baby!

Pad out the pocket to the level of absorbency YOUR baby requires, then the Minki works just like an all in one and is no more difficult to put on than a disposable which makes it great for Daddys, Grannys, childminders or anyone not used to washable nappies.

It can look as bulky or as slim as you choose. By using different things to pad out your Minki pocket nappy; terry-nappies, pre-folds, micro inserts, or what ever you prefer, you can make it as absorbent as YOU want.


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