Minki Nappy from Nappies By Minki

Minki Nappies are available in a choice of size and fit:

Sizes Fit

Slinky (slim)
Custom Minki

The newborn Minki will fit babies weighing between 5lb and 10lb ..it is really tiny and cute and needs a micro padding. It would make a great pressie for a new 'clothie' mum.

The small Minki will fit babies weighing between 9lb and 15lb ...it is very adjustable at the waist with about 4" of adjustment on the Velcro fastening. The elasticated legs ensure a good fit on fat or skinny legs!

The medium Minki will fit babies between 14lb and 20lb, it is the same highly adjustable design but with a slightly smaller rise than the large Minki.

The large Minki will fit babies weighing between 18lb and 40lb. Because it is a pocket that you pad out the nappy will grow with the child as you can add absorbancy as required. The Velcro fastening gives a good fit on the most active toddler and the elastication on the legs reduces nasty leaks even once the baby is toddling.

The extra large Minki is a special order nappy for babies/toddlers 40lb plus. Works well as an overnight nappy for the child who is still bedwetting as I can make it in a fabric that is not too babyish. For the older child who ‘power wees’ and leaks from the sides of nappies ..a layer of terry can be added beneath the fleece which acts as a diffuser layer and helps to prevent this problem occurring .Would also be suitable for special needs children (or even adults) and can be made to measure.

Custom Minki. This nappy (pictured left) was a made-to-order for a special needs child who needed an extremely stretchy waistband, which needed to be soft and flexible. By first talking with the childs mum about personal requirements I removed the Aplix and added extra elastication and used toggles to provide a fastening that was unrestrictive and a nappy that wasn't too 'babyish' for this older child. Do you have special requirements ?


Minki Nappies are available in a choice of fit too

Standard Minki
The Standard nappy is generously cut ..wide in the bottom and quite high in the rise….The close is a wrapover aplix close that gives masses of adjustment and a good secure fastening.

Slinki Minki
The Slinki nappy is cut slimmer in the bottom area is lower in the rise and has an edge to edge aplix close as opposed to the wrapover close of the standard nappy.

Whatever your preference ..be it the ‘Big Bummed Fairy Baby look’ or the neater trimmer look …rest assured there is a Minki Nappy to suit !

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